Robotic Pool Cleaner Rentals

Needing to clean your pool quickly but don’t have the time? Rent one of our robotic pool cleaners and let it clean your pool for you. We offer multiple rental times depending on how much cleaning your pool needs.

Ready to save time on your weekly pool cleaning?

Find out how easy it is to clean your pool with a robotic pool cleaner. Enjoy your pool more today rather than cleaning it!

**Rental Cleaners are for in store pick up only, we do not ship rental cleaners.

Rental Programs
24 hour rental $50.00
48 hour rental $75.00
Weekend Rental (Friday PM-Monday AM) $100.00
Work Week Rental (Monday PM-Friday AM) $120.00
Full Week Rental $150.00

Program must be paid in full before cleaner is rented. Valid credit card must be on file to rent cleaner. Customer is responsible for any damages or loss of cleaner during rental period. If cleaner is not returned when due, customers credit card will be charged $50 per day until payment has reached full price of the cleaner. If cleaner is lost or stolen, customer will be charged for price of cleaner plus tax. T and N Robotic Pool Repair does not guarantee that a robotic pool cleaner will clear green or cloudy water during rental period. Cleaner is made to vacuum up small debris and some leaves.

We do not guarantee that cleaner will pick up heavy amounts of leaves or big debris.

**Rental Cleaners are for in store pick up only, we do not ship rental cleaners.

Love how the robotic pool cleaner saves you time and money cleaning your pool?
Purchase a new cleaner and we will deduct your rental costs from the total price*.
*Only one rental fee deducted from purchase of new cleaner.