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Routine Kit Contains all the products needed to maintain your pool water

The Summer Smiles ROUTINE KIT will keep your pool water clear and properly balanced all season long. It even guarantees algae-free water!

Your kit contains

  • 1x 1 kg pH+ / bottle
  • 1x Measuring Cup
  • 1x water test strips container
  • 8x 600 g Shok Ultra 3 IN 1 / pouch
  • 8x 100 g Alg Out Ultra 3 IN 1 Algaecide / cubes
  • 8x 520 g Chlor Ultra 2 IN 1 / container

Product not included in kit that may be required:

  • Summer Smiles Klean Filter


  • Keeps pool water clear all season long
  • Guarantees algae-free water*
  • Easy-to-use: add just once a week

*Conditional on balancing parameters according to a monthly water analysis.

Format : 7.36 kg