RCX70103PAK2 Hayward Spring Cleanup Cartridge (Set of 2)

RCX70103PAK2 Hayward Spring Cleanup Cartridge (Set of 2)

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Hayward Spring Clean-up Filter Set RCX70103PAK2

This spring clean-up filter element set is easy to swap out from your old filter, and will give you a detailed clean for the spring season. It is used to catch large debris, dirt, and leaves to clean up the entire pool for a summer of fun. This filter is disposable and will be of major use when its time to come out of that winter season.

If you are ready to see a spotless pool by using a heavy duty filter then this is what you have been looking for. It will take care of and collect all that overwhelming gunk in your pool after the pool cleaner has sucked it up. After using this filter you will be ready to jump in that tidy, clear and clean water that now awaits you.

Disposable Spring Clean-up Filter Set for the following Pool Cleaners:
  • TigerShark Pool Cleaners
  • SharkVAC Pool Cleaners
  • SharkVAC XL Pool Cleaners
  • AquaVac 500
  • AquaVac 500C
Hayward RCX70103PAK2