Nature2 Spa Clarifier

Nature2 Spa Clarifier

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Nature2 Spa uses patented mineral-bed technology. Its innovative process significantly improves the look, feel and smell of your spa water, making managing your spa easier than ever! Nature2 Spa slips into your spa filter and lasts up to four months.


  • Simply drops right into your filter
  • Works with your existing filtration system
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Leaves water softer and clearer


  • Available for spas: Up to 500 gals
  • Works with all spa flow rates
  • Cartridge lasts 4 months

Assembly and Installation Diagrams

Nature 2 Spa comes in three parts; the main body (A) and two support stems (B) and (C).

1. Connect the support stems together and press onto main body to create a single device.

2. Slide the entire device into the core of your existing spa filter cartridge.

Open Top: Slide unit in from the top. Position near the top half of the spa filter cartridge ( Support stems may be cut to ensure correct position).

Open Top with Stand Pipe: Some spa filter systems are configured with a standpipe running the length of the filter core. Slide unit in from the top and position it near the top half of the spa filter cartridge for easy retrieval.

Closed Top: Slide unit in from the bottom. Position unit to rest on shelf inside filter core.