Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + PhosFree (3 Litre)

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + PhosFree (3 Litre)

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Hassle Free Pool Maintenance.

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste in pool water. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems such as; waterline rings, non-living organic staining, surface oils, and phosphate build up. 


  • The outstanding benefits of Pool Perfect enzymes are combined with our industry leading phosphate technology. Normal sanitization will prevent algae growth
  • Maintains phosphate level near zero
  • Enjoy Clear water with: No Black Waline Ring, No eye irritation, non chemical odors, no filter clogging
  • Cleans waterline and filter while reducing surface oils and other non-living organics
  • Broad spectrum enzymes reduce the build-up or non-living organic contamination
  • Weekly dosage of Pool Perfect+PHOSfree will improve water quality and reduce maintenance

Directions for use:

1. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING - Contents may settle. After shaking product well, some solids may be still visible. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE IS NOT AFFECTED.

2. Each week, with filter running, simply add to your skimmer 1 capful (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L) of pool water. This is a 3L bottle.

Note: Phosphates must be lower than 100ppb before using Pool Perfect+PHOSfree as a weekly maintenance