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Pool Kit Includes:

  • Pool Kit
  • Carvin Skimtech 500 Skimmer & Return
  • Full Print Beaded Liner
  • Foam Pool Cove
  • HPI Liner Guard
  • Deluxe Plumbing Package with 10' Flex Hose


Carvin's Madera Platinum Series Aboveground Pools provide warm and trendy appeal due to its rich shades of wood in amber tones.  With its robust and reliable design, and its fine, clean lines, the Madera Pool will transform your backyard into a sanctuary that will stand out during your summer seasons. This new series is the top-quality choice for any backyard and is compatible with a wide selection of Carvin's accessories and water features. 

Elevate your space with this stylish pool model.


  • Adjustable Ledge Covers
  • Stable & High Wall Rail
  • Snap-in Uprights
  • 14 Gauge Thick Galvanized upright. High resistance and easy to assemble
  • 6.5" resin top ledges and 6" uprights provide strength and unique styling
  • Integrated Tubing & Wire Management
  • Strong Bottom Plate Connection
  • Galvanized Steel Pressure Plates & Tie Straps 
  • Thick and Robust Ledges
  • Optionally add irresistible Carvin Starfall waterfall and/or Starjet deck jets
  • Starglow option: easily add Carvin Colour LED lights into your uprights
  • Saltwater friendly. 
  • 30-Year Warranty: 5 years at 100% + 25 years prorated



Graduated rail


Multiple layers of protection

Ajustable ledge covers


Stable & high wall rail

Snap in uprights


Stable & high wall rail

Integrates tubing & wire management


Strong bottom plate connection

Thick & robust ledges


StarGlow option

StarBright option

StarFall option

StarJet option