hth® MAX 70 chlorinating granules, 10 kg

hth® MAX 70 chlorinating granules, 10 kg

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hth® MAX 70 chlorinating granules, 10 kg

  • Sanitizes pool water
  • Good for all pool surfaces
  • Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool waters
  • Compatible with salt water systems

    hth® MAX 70 Chlorinating Granules is a highly effective multipurpose product that sanitizes, clarifies and helps prevent algae.

    HOW TO USE: Add the recommended amount of this product during evening hours while the filter pump is running. Broadcast the product evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool.

    WATER BALANCE: For best product performance, swimmer comfort and crystal clear water, maintain the following faily levels as determined by a reliable testing kit:

    • Free Available Chlorine (FAC): 1.0 - 3.0 ppm
    • pH: 7.2 - 7.8
    • Total Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm
    • Calcium Hardness: 200 - 300 ppm

    Use the appropriate pool care products to make adjustments.

    INITIAL SHOCK TREATMENT: When opening your pool, initially superchlorinate pool water with 150 g of this product per 10,000 L of pool water. For best results, superchlorinate at dusk.

    ROUTINE CHLORINATION: Maintain proper chlorine residual by broadcasting daily over the pool’s surface, 30 g of this product per 10,000 L of pool water, or as needed.

    NOTE: Hot weather, heavy pool usage, and rain may require higher usage rates to maintain proper chlorine residuals. For outdoor pools, chlorine residuals can be protected from destruction by sun’s rays by addition of stabilizer (cyanuric acid).

    For further instructions on product application, see product label.