Hayward RCX26002 - Bearing - Drive Pully Assembly

Hayward RCX26002 - Bearing - Drive Pully Assembly

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Hayward AquaVac and TigerShark Replacement Bearing, Drive Pulley for ALL Models.

Hayward Item Code: RCX26002


  • Genuine Hayward Replacement Bearing, Drive Pulley Assembly.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward AquaVac Cleaners:
    • AquaVac, AquaVac QC, and AquaVac Plus.
    • RC9726, RC9730BL, RC9728BL, RC9730CTB.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward TigerShark Cleaners:
    • TigerShark, TigerShark QC, TigerShark Plus, and TigerShark 2.
    • RC9950, RC9950CUB, RC9950GR, RC9950GRTB, RC9955, RC9955CUB, RC9955GR, RC9955GRTB, RC9956, RC9956C, RC9956CC, RC9956GR, RC9956GRCC, RC9963, RC9965, RC9965GR, RC9965GRCC, RC9990, RC9990CTB, RC9990GR, and RC9990GRTB.