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Pool Kit Includes:

  • Pool Kit
  • Carvin Skimtech 500 Skimmer & Return
  • Full Print Beaded Liner
  • Foam Pool Cove
  • HPI Liner Guard
  • Deluxe Plumbing Package with 10' Flex Hose


The Enigma is a breathtaking fusion of mystery and modernity. With its brush fade wall texture, and refreshing design, this pool is a true statement piece that transforms your outdoor space into a contemporary oasis.

Elevate your space with this stylish pool model.


  • Adjustable Ledge Covers
  • Stable & High Wall Rail
  • Snap-in Uprights
  • 14 Gauge Thick Galvanized upright. High resistance and easy to assemble
  • 6.5" resin top ledges and 6" uprights provide strength and unique styling
  • Integrated Tubing & Wire Management
  • Strong Bottom Plate Connection
  • Galvanized Steel Pressure Plates & Tie Straps 
  • Thick and Robust Ledges
  • Optionally add irresistible Carvin Starfall waterfall and/or Starjet deck jets
  • Starglow option: easily add Carvin Colour LED lights into your uprights
  • Saltwater friendly. 
  • 30-Year Warranty: 5 years at 100% + 25 years prorated



Graduated rail


Multiple layers of protection

Ajustable ledge covers


Stable & high wall rail

Snap in uprights


Stable & high wall rail

Integrates tubing & wire management


Strong bottom plate connection

Thick & robust ledges


StarGlow option

StarBright option

StarFall option

StarJet option