Dolphin Pool Cleaner Spring Filters 9991433-R4

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Dolphin Pool Cleaner Filters 9991433-R4

Spring Filter Cartridges (4 Pack) for the following Pool Cleaners:
  • Dolphin Triton Plus
  • Dolphin Nautilus Plus
  • Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
  • Dolphin Oasis Z5
  • Dolphin Supreme M4
  • Dolphin Supreme M5
  • Dolphin Liberty
  • Dolphin Wave 65
  • Dolphin Wave 90
  • Dolphin M200


  • 10-7/16" X 6-1/4"
  • The Spring Filter Cartridges are designed to only trap larger debris and let fine debris pass through to prevent the cartridges from being clogged as quickly when the pool is especially dirty, like when you open the pool in spring.
Dolphin 9991433-R4