Carvin Colorado Resin Pool

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**Just the pool package includes pool kit, beaded full print liner, skimmer and return**


The Colorado by Carvin Pools is a modern and elegant masterpiece, which a wood-look wall and dark colored uprights, ledges and ledge covers. It features a FULL resin frame, along with 6.5" resin top ledges, adjustable resin ledge covers, and 6" resin uprights.


  • Thick & Robust 6.5" Resin Ledges - optimized for better weight distribution. Superior Quality Resin Blends.
  • Snap in 6" Resin Uprights - uprights snap into the feet for quick assembly. Durable top plate interface.
  • Stable & High-Wall Resin Rails - at 1.6" high, the rail keeps the wall in place during ground shifts. Rail also has graduations to ensure good assembly.
  • Adjustable Resin Ledge Covers - allow for perfect placement with a One-Screw Interlock System.